Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sunflowers for Fletching Garden Trail raffled Sunday 17th June at 4pm

I have got the ol' watercolours out again, having had months away from them (you may have noticed my recent obsession with acrylics.) I think the liberation I have found working on a larger scale again, with big brushes and buckets of watery paint have helped my approach to watercolours.

I must say I now set myself up with a number of sheets of paper, with the intention of experimenting and in the main, to pace myself. If I have just 1 watercolour on the go - I find it easy to fuss and as I'm not terribly patient - I don't always let the paint do it's thing. This is something I would never really do with acrylic, oil or pastel as I become immersed in the medium.

In this piece, I used a fine mist spray to encourage the paint to spread, particularly when the surface needed to be relatively undisturbed. It also has plenty of sea salt which I sprinkle on, leave to almost dry and then wash off in the bath (my daughter always thinks I have gone too far at this point - she thinks I'm quite reckless!) Doing this however, pulls much of the paint off in that area, leaving a fabulous patch of 'salty distress' (see below). Sometimes I do just brush the salt off the dry painting - if I want more particular marks.

If you are in East Sussex on Sunday 17th June, do come to the wonderful village of Fletching, where over 20 private gardens will be opening their gates. I will be painting the stunning view from the vicarage in pastel and you will have the chance of winning this original painting. Hope to see you there!

 All in aid of Fletching CEP School

PS Thanks to Londis in Haywards Heath for having this small bunch of sunflowers for me to paint! Not bad for April.

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