Sunday, 23 June 2013

'Scarp Slope' ~ Acrylic and pastel on canvas 120 x 100cm

Yes this is probably my favourite view of the South Downs and one I can't stop painting! It is breathtaking up on the Beacon, with views stretching across the Weald of Sussex to Surrey and the North Downs. It is also famous for it's chalk, so that is the focus for this work 'Scarp Slope.'

Here I wanted to push the texture as far as I could and remembered a technique that I developed years ago, during my degree. I used to 'mix' water-based pigment in oil based varnish, leaving small particles of paint suspended in the fluid. Here I have revisited the method, dribbling the resulting mixture over the chalk. I also added powdered pigment to the varnish to further suggest the crumbly texture of the surface. Finally I washed the surface with a dilute French Ultramarine acrylic, which only partially adhered to the varnish, leaving a further texture.

See below a few details of textures and finally I thought it useful to add an initial 'blocking in' shot, to illustrate my first steps.

A good finish of varnish will protect the surface.


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