Monday, 3 December 2012

Finishing Post - watercolour

Hill and Hill Gallery, Fletching requested a painting of horses, so I decided to re-work some sketches that I had used last year for an acrylic. I wanted to maintain the freedom of scale, so used a full sheet of 300lb rough. I was keen to explore the feeling of movement using wet into wet watercolour with lots and lots of water.
The palette overall is quite limited, using a new favourite - W&N Magnesium Brown. I love it's opacity which holds up well against the transparent pigments; indigo, French ultramarine and ultramarine violet. I carry the colour through the painting to encourage the sense of movement, leading the viewers eye across the surface of the work.
I used a tiny bit of masking fluid to maintain a highlight on the bit, tail and noseband.
I just need to bring out the bridle when it's dry and I think a trip to Uckfield Framing Company will be in order!

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